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This site has been developed to chart the history of the Devon General Omnibus and Touring Company and in particular two of its vehicles that now reside in the Midlands. 

The owners are long-standing enthusiasts for the company and for AEC who built the majority of DG’s vehicles in its formative years. They own the two vehicles featured in this website, both from the 1960s – a Regent V double-decker with Metropolitan Cammell Weymann body from 1966 and a Reliance single-decker with Marshall body from 1964.  The vehicles are both in full working order and preserved in the best known and most would say, best loved livery in Devon General’s history. They visit numerous events thoughout the year – keep an eye on What’s New? for details and updates on the vehicles.

Visit The Devon General Society for full details of this great company.  You can join too, full details on the web site.

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